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Referral Program


Want to earn an extra several thousand dollars
(or more)?

Refer a customer and we'll do the rest.

You can earn up to $2500 per referral!


How it works?

1) You refer a prospective client to TWINTEL who is interested in IT services

2) Client will eventually agree that TWINTEL Managed IT Services is the right fit and join us

3) You get paid a commission equal to one month of the client's monthly reccuring cost, up to $2500! 

Complete the form below and your referral is forever linked to you. Note that in order to qualify as a valid referral, the prospective client must be seeking IT Assistance and know you are referring them.

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Our 10 Benefits

Our 10 Benefits Whitepaper

This whitepaper will evaluate the differences between traditional technical support practices and modern managed IT practices and the pros and cons of both in regards to small and medium-sized businesses.

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