Six Things You Need from Your IT Service Provider Right Now

While managed services have made more sense for businesses to utilize for some time now, current events have made it even more apparent that this model of IT support is the only feasible option for businesses going forward. However, it has also never been clearer that you need to be selective in who you choose to provide this support.To help you ou...
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Keep Your Business Going with Strong Continuity Planning

Much is made about business continuity planning, but there is a knowledge deficit about what exactly business continuity planning entails. Today, we will talk about the basics of the business continuity plan (BCP) and how today's most successful businesses go about reading their contingency plans. A BCP is a plan that will be enacted in any situati...
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Tip of the Week: Keep an Eye on Your IT While You Aren’t There

 As the workers that power many businesses are remaining at home, remote solutions have proven to be a significant tool in keeping productivity moving. However, with nobody going into the office, monitoring your IT environment is necessary to make sure that the infrastructure you depend on is still in the right conditions. For this week's tip,...
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Tip of the Week: Streamline Your IT with These 4 Tips

The world has been turned on its head recently and it has forced the hands of many business owners to make a complete digital transformation of their business. Many businesses have made this transformation previously, but haven't completely worked out the logistics of it when the stay-at-home orders came down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today we ...
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The Cloud Can Contribute to Company Collaboration

Collaboration has always been key to the success of businesses, and with the cloud technologies now available, collaboration is possible in more ways than ever. COVID-19 has made business connectivity more important than ever, so we saw it fitting to recognize some of the cloud's collaboration options. They come in a few distinct flavors:Communicat...
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