Make Sure Your Use of the Cloud is Secure

The cloud is an undeniably useful technology to implement in your business' processes, and is a very popular option as a foreseeable result. This does not mean, however, that the cloud isn't subject to some risks. Let's go over a few risks the cloud presents, and how you can mitigate them by selecting the right provider.Potential Issues with Cloud ...
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Handy IT Acronyms to Understand

 It is pretty apparent that there are a lot (a lot) of acronyms used when discussing IT. In fact, that itself is an acronym for information technology. They can all get pretty confusing if you don't necessarily think about these things every day. Considering this, we've put together a list of terms for you to know that we think may be handy to...
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What You Need to Know to Manage a Remote Workforce

There are many reasons that your team may want (or need) to work from home, and there are many reasons to allow them to do so. A 2019 survey by OwlLabs indicated that 71 percent of remote workers are happy with their job (as compared to 55 percent of on-site workers); remote workers responded that they are 13 percent more likely than onsite workers...
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The Employee’s Guide to Working Remotely

 It's not uncommon where a situation arises and you will find yourself working from home. To make this work, it is important that you keep a few additional issues in mind so that you can make the most of it. We have put together a few simple best practices that you should keep in mind as you operate remotely.Security ConsiderationsEven though ...
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When Working Remotely, VoIP is an Indispensable Tool

With the widespread support of social distancing that current events have encouraged, remote working options are seeing an understandable surge in popularity. In order to make the most of "telecommuting," as it is referred to, there are a lot of reasons to use a Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, solution. Let's go over some.To start, let's con...
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