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3 Questions to Consider Before Implementing a Private Cloud Solution

With cloud computing on the rise in the business environment, it’s becoming more clear that organizations need to know what type of cloud solution will best benefit their business model. With the private cloud gaining much attention, it’s important to know what attracts businesses to it. Why should your business implement a private clou...
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Botnets Go Mobile, Making the Internet Less Safe

Hackers are notorious for exploiting technology for their benefit, but users often forget that mobile devices are exploited just as often as desktops and workstations; perhaps more so, due to their higher exposure to wireless networks that may not be secure. One of the greatest threats to mobile devices is the botnet, which is designed to enslave a...
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4 Features Every Business Needs in a Backup Solution

One of the most valuable assets of your business is its data. Hackers know this; it’s why they choose to go after those who fail to protect their information. Without your data, you’ll lose valuable time and expenses that can potentially result in the complete and total destruction of your business. This is why it’s so crucial tha...
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2 Troubleshooting Tips For Common VoIP Issues

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a voice communication solution that’s grown exceedingly popular in the workplace environment. One of the reasons it’s preferred is that it cuts costs on your cable bill, and allows for maximum mobility. Unfortunately, even a solution as reliable as VoIP can have a few minor kinks that will need ...
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TheDarkOverlord Solutions Is at It Again! This Time the Hacker Group Is Targeting Schools

While many youngsters enjoy it when their school shuts down, this was likely not the case in Flathead Valley, Montana, where the cybercriminal group ‘TheDarkOverlord Solutions’ targeted the entire Columbia Falls school district. This attack caused the three-day closure and otherwise disrupted over 30 schools, and the personal informatio...
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